Products in the Senior Living Facility Management Directory

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  • ScheduleAnywhere By Atlas Business Solutions, Inc. (ABS)

    Manage your employees' work schedules via the Internet. ScheduleAnywhere uses state-of-the-art software technology that's proven to make employee scheduling simple and painless. ScheduleAnywhere makes it possible to schedule your employees from any computer with an Internet browser, giving you... Read More
  • Schindler 3300 By Schindler Elevator Corp.

    From its distinctive aesthetic options to its machine room-less configuration, the Schindler 3300 has already proven itself around the world as the smartest choice for low- to mid-rise commercial and residential buildings. Smart Easy to order. Accelerated lead times. Quick to install. And a... Read More
  • Schindler 330A™ Hydraulic Elevator System By Schindler Elevator Corp.

    The innovative Schindler 330A™ elevator system offers an eco-friendly holeless design that completely eliminates the inconvenience of drilling a jackhole. Its unique design features make it a smarter, more efficient solution for a wide range of low-rise buildings. The Schindler 330A system... Read More
  • Schindler 400A® Traction Elevator System By Schindler Elevator Corp.

    The streamlined Schindler 400A® traction elevator system features advanced machine room less design that can be combined with revolutionary Schindler ID® destination dispatch technology. Its smaller footprint takes up much less of your valuable building space. Its unique design shortens... Read More
  • Schindler 500A™ Traction Elevator System By Schindler Elevator Corp.

    The Schindler 500A™ elevator system offers traction solutions ideal for both mid- and high-rise applications. The innovative system provides the performance of a customized elevator with the value you have come to expect from Schindler. The Schindler 500A is available in standard configurations... Read More
  • Schindler 7000 High-Rise Elevator By Schindler Elevator Corp.

    Schindler 7000 is Schindler's top-of-the-range elevator system for all high-rise markets worldwide. Leading-edge technologies are used in all components for the ultimate in elevator performance. Read More
  • Schindler 9300® Advanced Edition By Schindler Elevator Corp.

    The Schindler 9300® Advanced Edition escalator delivers exceptional performance, reliability and safety for all commercial applications with unprecedented color and design choices. Schindler 9300 AE escalators are noted for their durability and exceptionally smooth, long-running performance. Read More
  • Schindler 9500® Moving Walks By Schindler Elevator Corp.

    You will find Schindler moving walks in some of the world's busiest airports, exhibition halls, subway systems and shopping complexes. Schindler 9500® moving walks combine comfort with safe, rapid, horizontal and inclined transportation and are ideal for use wherever the elimination of long... Read More
  • School Activity Busses By IC Bus

    IC Bus™ is the leader in the school bus industry for two simple reasons: We build the best buses and support them every step of the way. Read More
  • School Route Buses By IC Bus

    IC Bus™ is the leader in the school bus industry for two simple reasons: We build the best buses and support them every step of the way. Read More
  • Scooters By MobilityWorks

    When choosing the best Scooter to fit your needs there are a few things you should consider: Indoor Maneuverability, Indoor & Outdoor Versatility, Outdoor Capabilities, Increased Weight Capacity, Easy Portability, Maximum Outdoor Performace & Speed. We can help you achieve the perfect scooter... Read More
  • Search Resumes of Senior Living Professionals By Senior Housing Jobs - Top Employment Website for Senior Living Employers & Job Seekers

    With over 20,000 senior living industry resumes, Senior Housing Jobs is the place to connect with retirement housing professionals. Post Jobs & Search Resumes today. Read More
  • Senior Care Tablet By In-Touch Tablets

    * Seniors can enjoy all of their favorite board and card games and refresh their cognitive skills with more than 100 enjoyable brain exercising, dexterity and memory enhancement games. * Perfect for Hospitals and Long-Term Care Facilities to fill in long hours of downtime and recovery. *... Read More
  • Senior Gamer Tablet By In-Touch Tablets

    * Seniors can enjoy all of their favorite board and card games and refresh their cognitive skills with more than 100 enjoyable brain exercising, dexterity and memory enhancement games. * Perfect as a complimentary device to a smart phone - Especially if there is no current Wi-Fi installed at... Read More
  • Senior Housing By LifeStyle Options Inc

    Retain your residents longer. We understand your business and share your commitment and desire to enhance the lives of your residents. LifeStyle Options, Inc., leads the way in the delivery of flexible, comprehensive senior programs that focus on wellness and retention. With long-running... Read More
  • Senior Housing Sales School By Bild & Company

    ARE YOU LOOKING FOR A COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE THIS YEAR? The secret isn’t a secret anymore! The leading growth in the Senior Housing Industry comes from working with BILD & Company! Our portfolio grew 9.3% while the rest of the industry decreased 2% from 2008-2012! The Annual BILD Senior... Read More
  • Senior Transports By Midwest Transit Equipment

    Today, millions of Americans are living in continuing care facilities. Improving the quality of life for these individuals requires dependable senior transportation. With over 30 years in the bus sales and service industry, Midwest Transit Equipment is the answer for all of your senior... Read More
  • Seniors Express Congregate Dining By RIDE EXPRESS

    Schedule congregate dining reservations, generate kitchen orders and rosters, track walk-ins, create group events. Cost effective and very easy to learn and use. Integrates with Ride Express Transportation scheduling. Read More
  • Small Package Shipping (150 lbs.) and Courier Services- “Business Expense Cost-Savings Services.” By Business Expense Cost-Savings Services

    We can help reduce your annual Small Package Shipping (less than 150 lbs.) & Courier Services spend by thoroughly reviewing, auditing, analyzing and optimizing these services with your existing vendors/services. We find where they have been overcharging your business! It would be our PRIVILEGE... Read More
  • Spellman Brady & Company By Spellman Brady & Company

    Spellman Brady & Company is an award-winning St. Louis–based interior design firm specializing in senior living, healthcare, and higher education environments. The firm maintains design excellence by delivering comprehensive interior design, furniture, artwork master planning, and procurement... Read More
  • St. Croix Tall By T2 Site Amenities

    Simple clean lines equally at home in traditional or contemporary designs. Matching planters available for a coordinated look. For interior or exterior use. Over 50 colors/finishes. Made in the USA. Read More
  • Staff Files By Atlas Business Solutions, Inc. (ABS)

    Staff Files® HR software is an easy and affordable way to manage employee information. Download the free demo to learn how you can store, track, retrieve, and safeguard benefit information, vacation and time-off accruals, training records, wage rates, performance evaluations, and much more.... Read More
  • Staffing Options By LifeStyle Options Inc

    LifeStyle Options is licensed as a staffing agency (Nurse Agency License Number: 2014-N0652). We specialize in providing reliable short term medical personnel to meet the temporary staffing needs of retirement and health care communities. Our clients include nursing homes, senior housing,... Read More
  • Stainless Steel Carts By Suburban Surgical Company , Inc.

    SSCI offers a selection of stainless steel carts for mobilizing supplies and equipment, or an enclosed cart for emergencies or surgical procedures. The high-quality carts are designed to be practical, functional and long-lasting. Our goal is to offer you carts to ehance productivity throughout... Read More
  • State Requirements By CEUS-R-EZ.COM

    This a list of the state requirements for Nursing Home Administrators, Assisted Living Administrators and Group Home Managers and their staff. Many states have requirements only for that state and those are listed for your information. Read More
  • Super Medicine Chest By ProMed Supplies

    Are you a Home Health Care Agency or Visiting Nurse Association challenged with the task of constantly looking for your next client? The Super Medicine Chest is your answer! When a Doctor makes the determination that a loved one can no longer take care of themselves, family members are faced... Read More
  • Sustainable Design By RLPS Architects

    RLPS works with our clients to integrate cost-efficient, sustainable design strategies into every project. As a member of the U.S. Green Building Council with a number of LEED Accredited Professionals (LEED-AP) on staff, we can realistically define considerations for energy efficiency, healthy... Read More